Lease vs Pruchase

Leasing is often compared to renting a car from a manufacturer. A lease is designed by the manufacturer to determine the value of the vehicle when you turn it in. So essentially when you lease a car you are paying for the "portion" of the car you are using.

  • Often lower monthly payment than financing.
  • You are driving a car for a shorter time period.
  • When You are done with a lease, turn it in and get something new.
  • Maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  • Sales tax is included in the Lease.

  • You never really own the car.
  • The amount of miles you can drive is restricted (but you get to choose how many miles you need at the beginning of the lease).


Purchasing (or Financing in this respect) is when you take out a loan from a Bank or Finance Company. You agree on a purchase price on a vehicle and a term length (in months) that you want to finance. The shorter the terms, you pay less in interest charges but the monthly payment is higher. The longer the term, the lower the payment but you pay higher interest charges. 
The Interest Rate for the loan is determined by your credit score, down payment, monthly payment and vehicle chosen. Our in house finance manager works directly with the banks and finance companies to get you the best rate. It is in both of our interests (yours and Exeter Subaru's) that we get you the absolute lowest finance rate.

When you're done with the loan, you own the car and the bank or finance company will send you the title to your car. You now 100% own the vehicle and any trade value or selling price for the vehicle turns into instant cash for you or can be used as a down payment on another vehicle or cash in your pocket.

  • When term is done, you own the car.
  • You can always trade it in.
  • No mileage restrictions.
  • Can modify car after signing.

  • More Maintenance will need to be done because you will more than likely own it for longer that you would have a lease.
  • Monthly Payments are often higher than leases.


Both methods of buying a car are extremely beneficial. Neither require a down payment and both can be customized to the best of our ability to fit a vehicle within your budget. It ultimately comes down to what you prefer, because what's right for one person might be wrong for another.